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Hi! Before We begin, let us give you a Small introduction…

  • What is WhatsApp marketing
  • Its features, How can you send or How can you use
  • What is WhatsApp Campaign
  • How can you use the WhatsApp campaign
  • Which type of content is allowed in a campaign and which type of content is prohibited in our policy

so let’s start…

Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Service

Communication technology has made everything faster and within our reach. And this has impacted the way of doing business as well. Now, with the commencement of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

Understanding people liking and approaching them has become really quick and simple. Thus, business houses are using the same platform to promote their product and services.

Talk about the present time most used social media application, Whatsapp has become one of the major platforms for sharing content and mostly Social Media users spend their time using whatsApp.

whatsapp marketing | 7th sky Promotions

This tool is gaining popularity significantly in the whole business world, and now people are looking for Whatsapp Marketing Service. We here are better involved in such services so that we can help our customers to reach their targeted visitors.

If you are new to this, here is the information for you offered by 7thskypromotions:

What Is WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp Marketing means promoting products and services using this leading social media messenger platform. WhatsApp has become the leader of messenger apps, because of its simplicity, features and versatile usage.

For marketing, the business houses are using Whatsapp Marketing Tool such as one-to-one, broadcast list, group, features to do built the image of the product and take it to the end result that is sold and earning the profit.

whatsapp marktring features, 7th sky promotions

WhatsApp Marketing Features

The business gurus well understand how to use any application features for marketing and promotion. Although Whatsapp does not have any official business platform but much of its features are best for online Bulk WhatsApp Marketing or one-on-one marketing and are already in use

Send in 1 What’s App Text, Image, Audio, Video, Pdf & V Card
Per Text Message 1,000 Character
4 Image Format & Size .jpg (1MB)
PDF Pdf File
Audio Format & Size MP3(4MB)
Video Format & Size MP4(5MB)
V Card Company information

Here We mentioned some packages you can buy or we have also custom plans for our happy customers. So Please go through these plans and if you have any doubt or Quarry related to service please contact us.

The Quotations is…

Package Price Validity
50,000 25 P 06 Months
1 Lac 23 P 06 Months
3 Lac 21 P 12 Months
5 Lac & Above 20 P 18 Months

Customize Your Plane

Whatsapp Credit Panel (Whatsapp Marketing Tool)

Business houses are using WhatsApp Marketing Tool for the promotion of products in many ways, some use the broadcast list for sending bulk messages, some use the group chat option and designing their marketing campaign for the same.

Whatsapp Tools, 7th sky promotion

The reason behind is, WhatsApp is a popular and intimate messaging platform. People talk to their friends and family members on this platform. The business houses are now using WhatsApp Marketing Tool platform for a campaign or drive as well.

After creating the campaign, they use the option share to social media, where they select the WhatsApp and start their campaign on phone. And because the phone is in almost everyone’s hand, the drives running here is getting great responses.

WhatsApp Marketing guidelines, 7th sky promotuions

WhatsApp Campaigns Guidelines

The versatility of WhatsApp is being used for the business house for their products and services promotion in many ways. And this is because of easy use and huge user base. But, when it comes to business promotion, WhatsApp Marketing Service has some clear and strict process for that mention below…

  • You can’t change the Registered Email Id
  • +91 Country code will apply before the mobile number (like +919876543213)
  • Minimum 500 & maximum 50K what’s app send in one time (Through Credit Panel)
  • Minimum 25,000 & maximum 5 Lac what’s app send in one time (Through Campaigning)
  • Delivery Report does not update below 500 what’s App campaign
  • Unwanted Contents Document, ID Proof etc will not be promoted
  • What’s App deliver timing minimum 15 minutes to 8 hour
  • Delivery Report will update within 24 hours after the campaign
  • Extra what’s App Filter per number charge 5 Paisa (check the number on WhatsApp or not)
  • What’s App Message Send timing Monday to Saturday 10:00 AM to 07:00 PM (Sunday Holiday)
  • Server Update Notification will send before 24 Hours on Registered Email ID
  • Festival Time what’s App Message Send before 24 to 48 Hours.
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