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At the present time, many tools exist that help you generate leads for you online, and one of the best and most used is Bulk SMS Service. Bulk SMS gateway is very common key at the current time which helps to make marketing task easy and flawless instead of letting you deal with those typical marketing methods.

Business houses use this amazing technology to generate leads that can be further used to attain the desired profit.SMS marketing is the traditional marketing style to be used by business experts and it is high time usable traditional marketing style that never fails in yielding profits.

Bulk SMS Service in Delhi

We at 7thskypromotions provide Bulk SMS Service in Delhi along with other advanced and rapid response marketing strategies. We have multiple Bulk SMS Gateway to employ the SMS marketing strategies at its best to attain utmost results.

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These days, Bulk SMS Services Providers all around are offering mainly two types of SMS services:

  • Promotional bulk SMS
  • Transactional bulk SMS

Features of SMS Services

The promotional bulk SMS is sent with an intention of promoting product and services. At the other end, the transactional bulk SMS is sent for sharing information.

We offer both of the services so that the marketing tasks can be done easily, smoothly, and flawlessly. It helps to save time and efforts when someone wants to reach all the targeted audiences without putting too many efforts.

7th sky PromotionsSurveys Say About Using Bulk SMS Service

Incredible Open Response Rate –  According to a survey done in 2014, the average opening rate for SMS is 99% and about 97.5% of SMSs get open within 5 seconds of landing in mobile.

In-depth Reach – Mobile users in India have increased significantly, especially in rural areas. This has expanded the reach of SMS deepest. In rural areas, 75% of the population get online through SMS. It simply shows the high-end use of services offered by the Best Bulk SMS service provider in India.

Warmly Received –  As SMS smoothly lands in the message box of the individuals, without disturbing them, and people welcome it with the same warmth. It is surprising fact to know that there is just 5% opt-out rate here.

So, looking at above-mentioned benefits and advantages, there are many chances of great rise in the use of SMS marketing. We are one of the Best Bulk SMS Service Provider in India who can be frequently and flawlessly contacted to achieve the best services.

The Key Attributes Of 7th Sky Promotions Bulk SMS Service

The Bulk SMS Service that we offer have following features

  • Sender id for transactional SMS
  • 24*7 Instant Delivery
  • Swappable Credit Balance for both Transactional and Promotional SMS Service
  • DND auto filtering for Promotional SMS
  • Multi-Level Reseller Account with White Labelled Interface
  • Content/ Group Management
  • Secure API Code
  • API Integration Kits
  • Guaranteed Response on Promotional SMS

In addition, many other features are there in our Bulk SMS Service. To get more information it, you can contact our team. We have a very focused marketing strategy to attain best results in SMS marketing. Our continuous endeavor in the field has made us one of the Best Bulk SMS Service Provider in India and we are continuously improving ourself to become the industry leader.

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